Cloud Migration Services
Cloud Assessment Services

Cloud Assessment & Migration helps to learn, understand, and migrate to the cloud. This is the initial phase in which we understand our client’s business and determine which cloud strategy is suitable for a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective migration. These services are designed to consider the complexities in understanding cloud benefits against organizational requirements, thus helping customers transition to the cloud in a quick and methodical way










Migrating from traditional solution to cloud based architecture can be challenging for most companies. CPI helps companies define their needs and accordingly scale them to Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud. For large organisations, benefiting from the cloud will mean a significant change in IT consumption models and a new freedom to move between suppliers. Our Cloud Migration service provides full planning, support and technical implementation for when you want to migrate to a cloud service provider environment or between cloud service providers.

Development / Maintenance of an application on cloud based platform (Windows Azure / Google App Engine / Amazon Web Services etc) using multiple technologies considering cloud specific services. 


Integration services focus on assisting Enterprises in understanding the value, risks, and timing of migrating portions of their IT portfolio to the cloud. Combining our strong foundations of IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Systems Integration, we provide a balanced business view along with the deep technical delivery capabilities required to maximize the benefits of these new technologies.

Cloud Application Management Services
Cloud Integration Services

Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing services allow you to outsource your entire IT operation, easily adapt to growth or contraction, reduce your capital expenditures, and respond quickly to new market conditions.